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Implantul Dentar

Un implant dentar este un dispozitiv metalic care se insera in grosimea osului alveolar in scopul inlocuirii radacinii unui dinte natural lipsa. Implantul dentar reprezinta tratamentul recomandat in cazul pierderii dintilor si poate asigura suport pentru intreaga dantura sau partial. Aceasta procedura face parte din categoria procedurilor proteticii dentare, dar poate fi incadrata si in...

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  • Why do I go to Dr. Gageanu’s Clinic – Artistic Dent?! Because his dentures are guaranteed for 10 years? For the exquisite impeccable perfection? Because I fell asleep on the chair of the dental unit during the procedure? All these bring their own contribution, but the most important aspects are...

    Alexandru Boldor


  • I have been enjoying Artistic Dent’s services for more than 2 years. I can only say that they provided me high quality services, in a pleasant environment meant to make you relax after a day at work :). The dental surgeons of this clinic are very passionate about their work...

    Raluca Toma


  • The loss, the lack of my teeth, caused me not only physical pain, but also psychological distress. I had started avoiding going out with my friends, I had begun avoiding new acquaintances. My self-confidence, my self-esteem significantly decreased. I am only 26 years old and I just started discovering what...

    Mihaela A


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