Artistic Dent SPECIAL II Campaign: Customized Packages

Artistic Dent SPECIAL II Campaign: Customized Packages
February 2nd, 2015 | Promotion / Loyalty | No comments

Artistic Dent SPECIAL II Campaign: Customized Packages artistic-dent_new1

ArtistcDent Clinic was established with very clear motto:

PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY and JOY of coming to the dentist’s office

We would like to start by thanking those who had faith in us and in our dear project, Artistic Dent Clinic. Some of you, those who purchased the customized packages, already started benefiting by the pre-paid treatments, in Artistic Dent Clinic.

Perfectionists and demanding with ourselves, as we are in all domains, but especially when it comes to our vision and definition of business, we invested 100% of both our creative and work efforts, and our financial efforts in Artistic Dent Clinic. We do hope that the result reaches up to your expectations and that you may admire, in below pictures, the summary of some key aspects in our new location.

During the improvement works, we have encountered both nice experiences and challenges. Any of you who ever got involved in medium/large projects know that unforeseen situations are inherent. On this occasion, we, Artistic Dent team, would like to apologize for exceeding the term promised for the clinic’s opening, but we assure you that we shall make significant efforts to make it up to you by our professional work and by 150% dedication in order to satisfy our patients’ needs.

As we are almost done completing our project, we thought about a new direct partnership with each of you. We would like to offer you the chance of acquiring, in advance, customized treatment packages with the benefit of some valuable discounts. We shall schedule together the appointments for the future medical procedures.

Therefore, WE succeed in taking Artistic Dent Clinic to the high standards that we set, and YOU benefit by valuable discounts (of up to 20%) for the dental treatments that you need. In addition to your financial contribution, you can also support us by telling your friends, relatives and colleagues about us, Artistic Dent Clinic. You could recommend our website to your friends, as a source of more detailed information about our project.

We would like to thank you for your involvement and we promise we shall fulfill all your expectations!



Dr. Sorin Gageanu, Co-Founder/Dentist

Sorin GageanuDr. Gageanu is a young doctor of dental medicine with a vast experience in the field, very much involved and dedicated to his profession. As he met a lot of people who were afraid of going to the dentist, he wished to establish a clinic that would grant people trust, professionalism, quality and relaxation. His passion for music and travel combined with his passion for dental medicine and ArtistcDent Clinic was born, “my child”, as Dr. Gageanu calls it.
He participated in a large number of trainings and congresses, both national and international; he completed a significant number of surgical procedures and, at present, he is the mentor of the Straumann implant system in Romania, and partner with several dental clinics.


Ana-Maria Gageanu, Co-Founder

site-ana (1)Ana is Dr. Gageanu’s right hand, the person he can fully trust; she actively participated in starting this wonderful project.
Ana Maria is Dr. Gageanu’s wife and together they form a professional team. She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, being very skillful both in working with people and in Activity Management and Preparation.


Dan Adrian Ionescu, Architect

ArchDan is a young interior design architect and visual artist; at present he teaches at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, Faculty of Interior Design. In addition to his interior design works, among his accomplishments representative for the specific technological direction, there are also audio-visual equipment, video mapping and scenography projects.
Dan actively involves in the creation of ArtisticDent Clinic, being a very skillful person and a professional.

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