2014 -> Present

receptie artistic dent 5In 2014, Artistic Dent took another step forward by opening Artistic Dent Clinic.

Here, Doctor Sorin Gageanu, together with his wife and with Architect Doctor Dan Ionescu, succeeded in completing the Artistic Dent concept:

A dental surgery clinic where the patient comes with joy and receives highest quality dental services!

Environment within ArtisticDent clinic was created so that patients can walk out from our clinic always smiling.

We shall continue doing everything in our power to improve ourselves every day and we offer you impeccable services.

2012 -> 2014

Panorama2In 2012, due to the fact that we no longer had enough space in the clinic of Dr. Ingrid Pintilie, we moved to a larger space in the area of Sun Plaza.

Artistic Dent Clinic: here we succeeded in growing our patients’ quality level of the experience at the dentist, due to the fact that we have specialized dentists, two stomatological units, better equipment and more space.

During this period, Dr. Sorin Gageanu got his expertise in dental implantology and dental esthetics, becoming one of the two mentors of Straumann implants in Romania.

2008 -> 2012

DSC00436ARTISTIC DENT Concept was born in 2008, when Doctor Sorin Gageanu, fresh graduate from UMF “Carol Davila”, started working in Doctor Ingrid Pintilie’s dental clinic.

In the area of 1 Mai, starting with the first patient he treated, Doctor Sorin Gageanu continuously tried to improve his professional status, to raise the quality standards of his services, to establish an environment as pleasant as possible for his patients.

During 2008-2012, the number of patients of Artistic Dent raised in an accelerated way, due to the quality of the dental procedures and due to the high degree of recommendation from our satisfied patients.