Special Artistic Dent August 2014 Campaign

Special Artistic Dent August 2014 Campaign
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ArtistcDent Clinic was born with a very clear motto:

PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY and JOY of coming at the dentist’s office

There are very many people in Romania who require dental treatments, but from various reasons they do not get to an appointment at the dentist. A very important reason that stops people from visiting the dentist’s office is FEAR; 69% of the Romanians interviewed within a study in 2012, declared that they only go to the dentist when they have teeth problems.


Our intention was to establish a dental clinic where QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM and patient’s JOY of coming at the dentist’s office ranked first, as well as developing a special relationship with each of you, with our patients. Thus, ArtisticDent Clinic was born, being the ultimate goal of ArtisticDent concept.

Dr. Gageanu’s goal was to change the Romanian concept related to the fear of going to the dentist. Notions as trust, communication and respect are the basis of this intention, strengthened by the guarantee of professional and reliable dental works.



Ever since I was a student I was dreaming of having my own dental clinic, a clinic where I could feel comfortable and relaxed, as if I were on a permanent vacation and were quality and professionalism ranked first; I wanted for the patients to come joyful in my clinic. I was dreaming of having a special, professional team that would care most about satisfying every patient’s need. I started as a dentist in my mentor’s clinic, where I learned almost everything I know now. Thank you, doctor! In my entire career I worked with several doctors who taught me a lot of things and I am very grateful to them.

But my desire was stronger and stronger. Two years ago I decided to open my own dental office: I wanted to materialize my professional dreams and goals and I also knew that would offer me freedom in all respects.

Although I was dreaming big, I started with little: I rented an apartment that was already transformed into a dental office; it is the place I am working in right now. Thus, ArtisticDent concept, “my baby”, was born. And since I am not the type of person who would settle for less, the idea of having my own place, that would bear my hallmark and that I would manage according to my concepts and standards, never went away.

And the right time came for this ambitious project: I mapped out the course of action, I examined it with my team, I analyzed the proposals of the finance and real estate departments, I called my architect, whom had actually been my very first complex case of oral rehabilitation.

Together with my wife and my friend Dan, the architect, I started the development process and we are convinced, now that we are in the homestretch and everything falls into place, that the outcome shall be exquisite.


If you wish to get involved in completing the last aspects of this project and, moreover, if you wish to be the first to benefit by VIP treatments in ArtisticDen, here is your chance. We want to offer you all the good conditions and comfort that you deserve and that is why we, ArtisticDent team, thought about a direct partnership with you.

We would like to offer you customized treatment plan packages that you could acquire and pay in advance during July 23rd – August 31st and, starting September 1st – October 31st (we shall schedule together your appointments) you could benefit by those pre-paid treatments in the new ArtisticDent Clinic.

Therefore, WE succeed in completing this special project, ArtisticDent Clinic, and YOU benefit by valuable discounts for the dental treatments that you need.

In addition to your financial contribution, you can also support us by telling your friends, relatives and colleagues about us, Artistic Dent Clinic. We could recommend our website to your friends, as a source of more detailed information about our project.



Dr. Sorin Gageanu, Co-Founder /Dentist

Sorin Gageanu

Dr. Gageanu is a young doctor of dental medicine with a vast experience in the field, very much involved and dedicated to his profession.

As he met a lot of people who were afraid of going to the dentist, he wished to establish a clinic that would grant people trust, professionalism, quality and relaxation. His passion for music and travel combined with his passion for dental medicine and ArtistcDent Clinic was born, “my child”, as Dr. Gageanu calls it.

He participated in a large number of trainings and congresses, both national and international; he completed a significant number of surgical procedures and, at present, he is the mentor of the Straumann implant system in Romania, and partner with several dental clinics.

Ana-Maria Gageanu, Co-Founder

site-ana (1)

Ana is Dr. Gageanu’s right hand, the person he can fully trust; she actively participated in starting this wonderful project.

Ana Maria is Dr. Gageanu’s wife and together they form a professional team. She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, being very skillful both in working with people and in Activity Management and Preparation.

Dan Adrian Ionescu, Architect


Dan actively involves in the creation of ArtisticDent Clinic, being a very skillful person and a professional.

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